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Jing Jing ever worked as a helper for 2 years

2014-2016 worked with Filipino family looking after newly born baby. Does all around housekeeping, cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking and marketing. Employer stay in Bungalow.

Husband is a farmer. Father is a farmer and mother is a housekeeper. She is very keen to work abroad cos their both earnning is not sufficient to support their daily expenses also for the sake of her children future.

Jing Jing is simple, good attitude, hard working, obedient. follow/listens instruction , belongs to a poor family and poor villages. Good with baby/children.

Work with the Euasian family looking for 2 months looking afer 2 children at the age of 3, 1 yrs old with grandmother around. Does all around housekeeping, washing, ironing, cleaning and assist in cooking. Reason to leave ; DOES NOT NEED HER SERVICES ANYMORE. Can talk to previous employer.

Can interview personally and can transfer anytime.

Married (29)
Ref: UD902
Upd on 22-Oct-16
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